Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get six months free of ASP.NET Hosting instead of three months

Hi Friends,

I know this is not a SharePoint subject but after all any SharePoint developer must have experience in ASP.NET since it depends on it.I just wanted to host a site I have few days ago on a hosting company.I opened brinkster site but I didn't find their 50% discount anymore?!

So I opened another well known hosting company site Discountasp.net.They have 3 months for free.I observed their is a promotion code entry below.I searched about it and I found they give 6 months free instead of 3 months if you enter the word TWEET in the promotion code entry then click Activate Promo.I did that and I have 6 months free instead of 3 ! .So if you are interested in hosting asp.net sites like me give it a try (You should see you got 6 months free as soon as you enter the promotion code before doing any real payment):
ASP.NET Hosting - 3 Months Free - Click Here!!

After you click the link above click "Click Here To Sign Up" red button and you will see the page I'm talking about in this article...

Another thing I observed in their hosting is the database hosting is separated so it is not covered in the promotion.But if you choose SQL Server 2012 hosting you will get 1 GB database size instead of 500MB.

Hope to all of us more success...

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