Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Get six months free of ASP.NET Hosting instead of three months

Hi Friends,

I know this is not a SharePoint subject but after all any SharePoint developer must have experience in ASP.NET since it depends on it.I just wanted to host a site I have few days ago on a hosting company.I opened brinkster site but I didn't find their 50% discount anymore?!

So I opened another well known hosting company site Discountasp.net.They have 3 months for free.I observed their is a promotion code entry below.I searched about it and I found they give 6 months free instead of 3 months if you enter the word TWEET in the promotion code entry then click Activate Promo.I did that and I have 6 months free instead of 3 ! .So if you are interested in hosting asp.net sites like me give it a try (You should see you got 6 months free as soon as you enter the promotion code before doing any real payment):
ASP.NET Hosting - 3 Months Free - Click Here!!

After you click the link above click "Click Here To Sign Up" red button and you will see the page I'm talking about in this article...

Another thing I observed in their hosting is the database hosting is separated so it is not covered in the promotion.But if you choose SQL Server 2012 hosting you will get 1 GB database size instead of 500MB.

Hope to all of us more success...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Custom Sites Templates Where did they go ?

There are two ways to create custom templates:
  1. Creating Custom Site Template From Scratch using Site Definition
  2. Creating Custom Site Template Fom Existing One

The one I will be talking about here is the second one.I started from a TeamSite then after many changes I made I saved it as Template.However I wanted to add a subsite to my Publish Main Site using that Custom Template but when I click new site I cannot see my custom template ?!

First thing you should check is Site Layouts And Templates gallery in the site settings.If you find your custom template there you need only to add it to the templates available for your site.

If you didn't find your custom template in the template gallery then you can try the following approach :

I found that Publish Sites always have problems with Custom Templates.So I just disabled the Publish Sites Feature temporary then when I click New Site I see my custom template !

After I created the subsite I returned to my main Publish Site and enabled the Publish Sites Feature again.

Whatever you have better ideas or facing a problem please share with us your comment...

Uploading Files To SharePoint Site Causing Errors

One problem I was facing long time ago occured while I was uploading some .vlf files.

Well I learned from that day I should always check 2 things immediatly:
In Central Administration > Security > Block File Types
So check if .flv for example is mentioned there which mean it is blocked and remove it from the blocked types list but this wasn't my problem.

The problem was the maximum size for uploading.From Central Administration > Manage Web Applications > select your web application then from the ribbon select General Settings there you will find the maximum permitted size for a file to be uploaded so I increased it as I need and the error vanished.

See you again in another article and another SharePoint adventure...  

Hiding Left Menu from your page

There are three approaches you need to know about this subject.

First Approach:

From the configuration side you can hide the Quick Launch menu from the Site Settings in the Look and Feel section where there is TreeView which includes the settings to Show/Hide TreeView or Quick Launch menu.

Second Approach

In the first approach only the Quick Launch will be hidden but the Left Navigation Area will still appear with the Recycle Bin link and this is not what you want so what could you do?

You can create a new Page Layout  and include an empty asp:Contant element in its HTML code with the PlaceHolderId set to "PlaceHolderLeftNavBar" and the whole navigation area will be hidden in any page using the Page Layout you just created.

Third Approach

You need to hide the Left Navigation Area from an existing Page Layout in some pages only so what could you do?

You can add a Content Editor webpart and in its HTML Content add the following:

Then publish the page...
If you face any problem related to this subject or have any comment please add your comment below and I will reply to you as soon as possible...