Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Custom Sites Templates Where did they go ?

There are two ways to create custom templates:
  1. Creating Custom Site Template From Scratch using Site Definition
  2. Creating Custom Site Template Fom Existing One

The one I will be talking about here is the second one.I started from a TeamSite then after many changes I made I saved it as Template.However I wanted to add a subsite to my Publish Main Site using that Custom Template but when I click new site I cannot see my custom template ?!

First thing you should check is Site Layouts And Templates gallery in the site settings.If you find your custom template there you need only to add it to the templates available for your site.

If you didn't find your custom template in the template gallery then you can try the following approach :

I found that Publish Sites always have problems with Custom Templates.So I just disabled the Publish Sites Feature temporary then when I click New Site I see my custom template !

After I created the subsite I returned to my main Publish Site and enabled the Publish Sites Feature again.

Whatever you have better ideas or facing a problem please share with us your comment...

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