Thursday, December 20, 2012

Data View Paging with Page Numbers

Hi Friends,

I'm making a SharePoint Site to be deployed on the cloud.I didn't want to waste time on deploying Imtech web part issues.So I decided to use the DataView webpart instead since it is 100% OOB and have paging already but I found a problem!:

DataView Paging shows displayed rows numbers not pages numbers...

So after along time of googling,asking MVPs,... I found it is possible only through two ways:

  1. Create a custom web part that inherit the DataView webpart (Same as Imtech idea)
  2. Create new paging for the DataView which requires a lot of XSL coding 

Ofcourse I choosed the second one since the first is similar to deploy an Imtech web part.

Here are screen shots of the DataView after I created a new pager for it using XSL Code only:

I realy like to share with you its code but these days I realy need money since I don't receive a salary at the end of the month anymore.I'm trying to make my own business.In addition for that I need to feel how much my work is worthy...

DataView Other Features:
Reusable from site to another requires only Site Name and List Name
Filtered by Content Type
When there is only one page the pager disappear.
You can customize its design and colors with ease through CSS


I just finished a more advanced version and yes it uses only XSL:

Additional Features:
  1. Show pages numbers to open the page by its number for the user
  2. Can handle huge number of pages like 100 pages by showing only few page numbers and you can set in the XSL code how many page numbers to show as long as it is an odd number and above 1 (3,5,7,...).For example in the screen shot above I set it to show only 3 page numbers.In case there are less than 3 pages (2) it will show them correctly (1 2).You can see it working online:
  3. First and Last buttons to make paging even easier
Tested successfully on SharePoint 2007 too.

If you are interested send me an email: .I will send you:
DataView Sample code + required CSS and Images + Answer any question about it for two days by email
For only 100$

Hope more success to all of us...

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